Top 10 RMC Coasters

In this post, I'll be counting down my top 10 RMCs that I've ridden! #10 Twisted Colossus Starting off the countdown with my least favorite RMC, Twisted Colossus. A lot of people tend to think this one of RMC's best, but I completely disagree. It has by far the weakest airtime of any RMC. The … Continue reading Top 10 RMC Coasters

Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

For the second full day of East Meets ACE, we started off the day at Toshimaen with ERT on all three coaster plus the powered coaster. Because we don't have much time at each park, we needed to plan well to get on everything. Instead of the star coasters first, we decided to get the … Continue reading Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

Kennywood & Waldemeer Trip Report 7/17/18

After so many Morgan coasters and everyone telling me Phantom is the best one, it was finally time to see what the hype was all about! First thing we did was the Noah's Ark walkthru attraction. It was definitely unique and something you don't see often. First coaster of the day was Exterminator, the Reverchon … Continue reading Kennywood & Waldemeer Trip Report 7/17/18

New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Today we got to experience some new stuff at Six Flags Magic Mountain! We have three things that will make your next visit to the park even better! 3. Jet Stream Refurbishment First off, Jet Stream reopened this weekend with completely repainted and refurbished boats! The ride itself has gone over a major overhaul including … Continue reading New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Kings Dominion Trip Report 6/8/17

We arrived at Kings Dominion about an hour early. The park opened their gates 30 mins early. When we walked in, Snoopy was orchestrating some music in front of the fountains and Eiffel Tower! Eiffel Tower was open 30 mins early, so we went up there for about 15 mins and took some pictures! Dominator … Continue reading Kings Dominion Trip Report 6/8/17

INDEPTH REVIEW: Superman El Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)

Superman El Ultimo Escape is a Chance Morgan Hyper Coaster located in Mexico City, Mexico at Six Flags Mexico. This coaster got delayed by nearly three years by the Mexican Government. It opened in late fall of 2004. Superman El Ultimo Escape starts off with a small dip off the side of the hill and … Continue reading INDEPTH REVIEW: Superman El Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)

Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

Walking up to the park, you could already tell it was gonna be crowded day. At 10:10 (just ten minutes after opening) the line to get into the park was all the way behind Independence Hall. The park did receive new metal detectors just like all the Cedar Fair parks did. There was no screwing … Continue reading Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

La Feria Chapultepec Mágico Trip Report 4/22/17

We arrived at La Feria around 8:30 am. When we got there, tons of people were already waiting outside for the park to open. We waited for them to open the gate to get to the main entrance. The actual entrance is behind Quimera. When entering the park, we noticed a full train of people … Continue reading La Feria Chapultepec Mágico Trip Report 4/22/17