Boysenberry Festival 2018

We arrived at Knott's around 9:40. Once in the park, we headed to Ghost Rider which opened about 25-30 mins early. The line was about 15 mins long which isn't too bad for Ghost Rider. The ride itself is getting rougher and slower. Ghost Rider use to be my #1 in the park, but its … Continue reading Boysenberry Festival 2018

Boysenberry Festival 2017 Review

Every April, Knott's hosts the popular Boysenberry Festival in Ghost Town! They have a wide selection of food options that involve boysenberries! There are always a few weird items every year and this year is no exception! We got our tasting card and are ready to review this year's six tasting card items! BOYSENBERRY MEATBALLS … Continue reading Boysenberry Festival 2017 Review