Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

On the first element of Hangtime, there are wires in place for the lighting package that will be attached to the track. On the cobra roll, construction workers were busy getting the lights mounted on the track. From the Sky Cabin queue, you can get a view of Hangtime queue and it's shade structure. Here's … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

Railblazer Construction Update 2/24/18

Over the weekend, I got a chance to attend the offseason tour at California's Great America! Big thanks to ACE and CGA for putting on a great event! On this tour, we got a special look at the new for 2018 coaster at the park, Railblazer! Last time we checked out Railblazer, the track wasn't … Continue reading Railblazer Construction Update 2/24/18

Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

My apologizes for not getting a Hangtime update till now. I haven't had time to go to the park since October due to my work schedule. So this was actually my first time seeing the ride vertical! Starting from Ghost Town, over by Silver Bullet, you can get a great view of the first ride … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 1/17/18

We arrived at Universal Studios a little after 10. We were a little late because we decided to take the subway instead of paying $25 to park at Citywalk. Construction walls are down at the new store on the main midway. Love tiled artwork being done of the side of the building! Continuing down the … Continue reading Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 1/17/18

CraZanity Construction Update 1/8/18

Starting the update over by Battle for Metropolis, walls have gone up around Scrambler and Sandblasters. You could hear the sounds of hammers coming from inside. You can see that they already started removing the ugly wall that surrounded the outside. The land where CraZanity will go has been cleared. No more Metro station! The … Continue reading CraZanity Construction Update 1/8/18

RailBlazer Construction Update 12/22/17

The ride structure is quite massive when approaching it despite it only being 106' tall! On the right side by Demon is an area where the walls are down and crains are currently standing.   On the left side by Candy Cane Lane, the walls hug the structure and you can get some really good … Continue reading RailBlazer Construction Update 12/22/17

CraZanity Construction Update 11/11/17

Starting this update with the last Metro station being completely leveled. The other two stations were removed for Full Throttle back in late 2012/early 2013. Here's a better view from the viewing area for Sand Blasters. The scraps of the old station are sitting in the back. A few vertical beams still remain. That concludes … Continue reading CraZanity Construction Update 11/11/17

Electric Eel Construction Update 10/27/17

Starting this update over by Journey to Atlantis where dirt is being moved in preparation for the ride's foundations and footers. On the other side of the walls is Explorer's Reef, the new for 2017 area. The new dark ride in the area was closed because of the construction for the new Premier launch coaster. … Continue reading Electric Eel Construction Update 10/27/17