Storage Track Building Going Up!

Last night, I noticed this behemoth over the storage track. It was too dark yesterday, so I went today to get photos! Here's a closer image of one of the main supports. Here's the frame for the roof! And here's the whole overview of it! It looks a lot similar to Gatekeeper's storage building honestly! … Continue reading Storage Track Building Going Up!

The New Revolution Update #2

Starting from the main fountain, it appears that the track might already be getting power washed. I could be wrong, but I don't remember that much rust on this section of track. It also appears that part of the rail connector might have new paint on it now. If you look closely, the rust stains … Continue reading The New Revolution Update #2

Ghost Rider Update #1

Tons of track has been removed from Ghost Rider! This was the first airtime hill on the coaster, but's just towering lumber! I was walking under Ghost Rider to head towards the main gate when I noticed this piece right above my head! It's so beautiful! Such a clean cut! The first drop is … Continue reading Ghost Rider Update #1

Fright Fest Update #3

WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13! Demon's Door stuff is now up! TheseĀ are basically covers for the lights The whole main gate area is filled with these hellish rocks formations! The stage for Voodoo Nights is all decked out! Zombie crossing is now complete! The Screampunk District is a scarezone this year and all … Continue reading Fright Fest Update #3

Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 8/16/15

I hadn't been to Universal since mid June for the preview of Fast & Furious: Supercharged. I arrived about 15 mins after the park opened. They had that big gate that usually remains closed, open to day. I have no idea what it was being used for, but they were refusing some people from entering. … Continue reading Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 8/16/15