CraZanity Construction Update 2/15/18

Starting the tour off over by Johnny Rockets and the Shoot the Hoops game. This was the the part of the walkway that went right to the Metro station. Lots of dirt being moved. This is the plot of land where the tallest pendulum ride in the world will go! Here's a look inside the … Continue reading CraZanity Construction Update 2/15/18

CraZanity Construction Update 1/8/18

Starting the update over by Battle for Metropolis, walls have gone up around Scrambler and Sandblasters. You could hear the sounds of hammers coming from inside. You can see that they already started removing the ugly wall that surrounded the outside. The land where CraZanity will go has been cleared. No more Metro station! The … Continue reading CraZanity Construction Update 1/8/18

CraZanity Construction Update 11/11/17

Starting this update with the last Metro station being completely leveled. The other two stations were removed for Full Throttle back in late 2012/early 2013. Here's a better view from the viewing area for Sand Blasters. The scraps of the old station are sitting in the back. A few vertical beams still remain. That concludes … Continue reading CraZanity Construction Update 11/11/17

CraZanity Construction Update #1

Starting off the first update for CraZanity/Boardwalk in front of the park where signs for the new ride are up! Here is the rendering of the Boardwalk and CraZanity from the entrance of DC Universe. Here's the current look of the midway games. They've definitely seen better days. The Johnny Rockets will get a new … Continue reading CraZanity Construction Update #1