Fright Fest Media Event/Opening Night

I arrived at the park around 5:20. As soon as you pass through Security, you'll see these signs warning guests about Fright Fest. This set up was in the planter advertising the event. The front gate has the infamous banner over top! It looks like they never changed the date on it as it says … Continue reading Fright Fest Media Event/Opening Night

Fright Fest (SFMM) Trip Report 10/2/15

I want to start this trip report by thanking Kurt (The Coaster Guy) and Greg from Park Journey for putting on a fantastic event! They put on an event called Mountain Madness where you get ERT, Backstage Tours, Food, and Front of the line maze passes! Anyway, we just finished our dinner at the West … Continue reading Fright Fest (SFMM) Trip Report 10/2/15

Fright Fest Update #3

WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13! Demon's Door stuff is now up! These are basically covers for the lights The whole main gate area is filled with these hellish rocks formations! The stage for Voodoo Nights is all decked out! Zombie crossing is now complete! The Screampunk District is a scarezone this year and all … Continue reading Fright Fest Update #3