Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 6/18/16

We arrived at the park around 9:20 and the parking lot wasn't too crowded yet. Early Entry was terribly disorganized. There were no signs until you got up past the ticket booths. Once we got up there, we found out we were in the wrong line. Then we get in the right line which is … Continue reading Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 6/18/16

In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

On June 6th I got to preview Ghost Rider at Knott's in the very back! The entrance didn't change at all. It's still the gaint mine you enter through. The queue is just as amazing as it once was! So much theming! Inside the building it was packed tight full of switchbacks. Luckily only half … Continue reading In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

Ghost Rider/Ghost Town Update #4

Starting off the update from Iron Reef's queue, you can see this new tower being erected. The walkway between Calico Mine Ride and Iron Reef was blocked off with no way through. Only way through was going around. Here's the construction wall from ground level as well as the new stage. Here's another view of … Continue reading Ghost Rider/Ghost Town Update #4

Ghost Rider Update #1

Tons of track has been removed from Ghost Rider! This was the first airtime hill on the coaster, but's just towering lumber! I was walking under Ghost Rider to head towards the main gate when I noticed this piece right above my head! It's so beautiful! Such a clean cut! The first drop is … Continue reading Ghost Rider Update #1