Grinchmas Trip Report 12/18/15

Coming out of the parking lot, we were greeted with beautiful lights! Coming up to the main gate, they seem to be starting the early process of getting the metal detectors out. I didn't take a picture of it, they were checking people. Those with purses or bags HAD to get checked by security in … Continue reading Grinchmas Trip Report 12/18/15

Grinchmas (USH) Trip Report 12/6/15

Just coming out of the parking lot, you could all of City Walk was decorated! Even Kong was decorated! Above the walk way, there were these beautiful wreaths! The main gate was all Grinchmased out! The New York set piece was covered in snow! First ride of the day the Simpsons! Which for once was … Continue reading Grinchmas (USH) Trip Report 12/6/15