INDEPTH REVIEW: Superman El Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)

Superman El Ultimo Escape is a Chance Morgan Hyper Coaster located in Mexico City, Mexico at Six Flags Mexico. This coaster got delayed by nearly three years by the Mexican Government. It opened in late fall of 2004. Superman El Ultimo Escape starts off with a small dip off the side of the hill and … Continue reading INDEPTH REVIEW: Superman El Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)

My Top 25 Coasters (2016)

25). The Beast at Kings Island It's a great classic wooden coaster with intense laterals and a terrain hugging layout! Only down side is trims killing any airtime. 24). Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm This is the only invert I think is actually really good. The layout feels like if RMC made an invert. … Continue reading My Top 25 Coasters (2016)

Lightning Rod Review

Lightning Rod...This name brings anger to the coaster community. Many have missed their chance to ride possibly one of the best coasters in the world! Leaving many disappointed. Yet some people including myself were lucky enough to ride it over the summer. As of now it's currently open, but over the Summer it was a … Continue reading Lightning Rod Review

Halloween Horror Nights (USH) Trip Report 9/17/16

I arrived at Universal at around 6:35. The park had been open for early entry for 5 mins already. I didn't even bother to check which mazes would be open during that time, so I just waited for Texas Chainsaw Massacre to open since it's right there. Also I came to the park still being … Continue reading Halloween Horror Nights (USH) Trip Report 9/17/16

In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

On June 6th I got to preview Ghost Rider at Knott's in the very back! The entrance didn't change at all. It's still the gaint mine you enter through. The queue is just as amazing as it once was! So much theming! Inside the building it was packed tight full of switchbacks. Luckily only half … Continue reading In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

In-Depth Coasters: Xcelerator

For the first of many In-Depth Coaster reviews, we have Knott's Berry Farm's Xcelerator! Statistics-According to RCDB Length: 2,202 ft Height: 205 ft Inversions: 0 Speed: 82 mph Duration: 1:02 Max Vertical Angle: 90° Max Acceleration: 0 - 82 mph in 2.3s Elements: Hydraulic Launch Top Hat - Outside Capacity: 1,330 riders per hour First … Continue reading In-Depth Coasters: Xcelerator