Universal Studios Japan Trip Report 10/2/18

This report is long overdue, but I finally had the time to edit everything a put it together! The Japan park has an outstanding entrance! Much bigger and grander than Hollywood's! First up, was Hollywood Dream: Backdrop as it only runs one train and isn't available with our Express passes. The backwards side had stronger … Continue reading Universal Studios Japan Trip Report 10/2/18

Nagashima Spa Land Trip Report

Off in the distance, the last remaining Giga Coaster in the world remains that I've yet to ride towers over a Japanese town! The full coaster comes into view and you can really see how huge this ride is! To get to the park, you have to go through rice fields! First off, we needed … Continue reading Nagashima Spa Land Trip Report

The Best Little Credit Whore In Japan

I really didn't want to title this Tokyo Joypolis, Yokohama Cosmo World, and Sea Paradise Trip Report 9/27/18. That's just too long and boring of a title for a trip report to three parks in one day...but that's basically what this blog post is. First park of the day was Tokyo Joypolis, Sega themed theme … Continue reading The Best Little Credit Whore In Japan

Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

For the second full day of East Meets ACE, we started off the day at Toshimaen with ERT on all three coaster plus the powered coaster. Because we don't have much time at each park, we needed to plan well to get on everything. Instead of the star coasters first, we decided to get the … Continue reading Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

Hakugei (White Whale) Construction Update 10/1/18

Starting this huge update off over by Ultra Twister where there's a section of the parking lot being used to house the Hakugei's track! It's the nice blue color seen on Twisted Colossus and Twisted Cyclone! Construction workers are dismantling the old White Cyclone track from the drop. They don't appear to be RMC employees. … Continue reading Hakugei (White Whale) Construction Update 10/1/18

Tobu Zoo & Tokyo Dome City Trip Report 9/22/18

After flying from LAX to San Francisco to Tokyo, going through customs, then taking a bus to the hotel, I finally made it to Japan! The next morning we drove about an hour northwest to Tobu Zoo where we had ERT on Kawasemi and Regina! We started off with Kawasemi which is the Intamin Mega-lite! … Continue reading Tobu Zoo & Tokyo Dome City Trip Report 9/22/18