Kings Dominion Trip Report 6/8/17

We arrived at Kings Dominion about an hour early. The park opened their gates 30 mins early. When we walked in, Snoopy was orchestrating some music in front of the fountains and Eiffel Tower! Eiffel Tower was open 30 mins early, so we went up there for about 15 mins and took some pictures! Dominator … Continue reading Kings Dominion Trip Report 6/8/17

RMC Hurler Construction Update 6/9/17

To get the best views of constructions, we going skywards nearly 300'! Here's the first view you'll see of Hurler. Something isn't right! You can clearly see that there's RMC ledgers on the lift...going in a much steeper angle than the original may I add! After the drop, all the supports on the turn around … Continue reading RMC Hurler Construction Update 6/9/17