Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

On the first element of Hangtime, there are wires in place for the lighting package that will be attached to the track. On the cobra roll, construction workers were busy getting the lights mounted on the track. From the Sky Cabin queue, you can get a view of Hangtime queue and it's shade structure. Here's … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

Boysenberry Festival 2018

We arrived at Knott's around 9:40. Once in the park, we headed to Ghost Rider which opened about 25-30 mins early. The line was about 15 mins long which isn't too bad for Ghost Rider. The ride itself is getting rougher and slower. Ghost Rider use to be my #1 in the park, but its … Continue reading Boysenberry Festival 2018

Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

My apologizes for not getting a Hangtime update till now. I haven't had time to go to the park since October due to my work schedule. So this was actually my first time seeing the ride vertical! Starting from Ghost Town, over by Silver Bullet, you can get a great view of the first ride … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 1/27/18

Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

Walking up to the park, you could already tell it was gonna be crowded day. At 10:10 (just ten minutes after opening) the line to get into the park was all the way behind Independence Hall. The park did receive new metal detectors just like all the Cedar Fair parks did. There was no screwing … Continue reading Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

Shore Break Construction Update 4/15/17 (Plus Sol Spin Test Run!)

Starting off this update with the structure itself! It appears to be almost done! Both the tube slides and body slides are almost complete. Here's the tangled mess of the four body slides! If it's anything like Carowinds new slides from 2016, it will kick butt! Two of the four drop boxes are in! Here's … Continue reading Shore Break Construction Update 4/15/17 (Plus Sol Spin Test Run!)

Boysenberry Festival 2017 Review

Every April, Knott's hosts the popular Boysenberry Festival in Ghost Town! They have a wide selection of food options that involve boysenberries! There are always a few weird items every year and this year is no exception! We got our tasting card and are ready to review this year's six tasting card items! BOYSENBERRY MEATBALLS … Continue reading Boysenberry Festival 2017 Review

In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

On June 6th I got to preview Ghost Rider at Knott's in the very back! The entrance didn't change at all. It's still the gaint mine you enter through. The queue is just as amazing as it once was! So much theming! Inside the building it was packed tight full of switchbacks. Luckily only half … Continue reading In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

Ghost Rider/Ghost Town Update #4

Starting off the update from Iron Reef's queue, you can see this new tower being erected. The walkway between Calico Mine Ride and Iron Reef was blocked off with no way through. Only way through was going around. Here's the construction wall from ground level as well as the new stage. Here's another view of … Continue reading Ghost Rider/Ghost Town Update #4