Railblazer Construction Update 2/24/18

Over the weekend, I got a chance to attend the offseason tour at California's Great America! Big thanks to ACE and CGA for putting on a great event! On this tour, we got a special look at the new for 2018 coaster at the park, Railblazer! Last time we checked out Railblazer, the track wasn't … Continue reading Railblazer Construction Update 2/24/18

RailBlazer Construction Update 12/22/17

The ride structure is quite massive when approaching it despite it only being 106' tall! On the right side by Demon is an area where the walls are down and crains are currently standing.   On the left side by Candy Cane Lane, the walls hug the structure and you can get some really good … Continue reading RailBlazer Construction Update 12/22/17