The Best Little Credit Whore In Japan

I really didn't want to title this Tokyo Joypolis, Yokohama Cosmo World, and Sea Paradise Trip Report 9/27/18. That's just too long and boring of a title for a trip report to three parks in one day...but that's basically what this blog post is. First park of the day was Tokyo Joypolis, Sega themed theme … Continue reading The Best Little Credit Whore In Japan

Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

For the second full day of East Meets ACE, we started off the day at Toshimaen with ERT on all three coaster plus the powered coaster. Because we don't have much time at each park, we needed to plan well to get on everything. Instead of the star coasters first, we decided to get the … Continue reading Toshimaen & Yomiuriland Trip Report 9/23/18

Tobu Zoo & Tokyo Dome City Trip Report 9/22/18

After flying from LAX to San Francisco to Tokyo, going through customs, then taking a bus to the hotel, I finally made it to Japan! The next morning we drove about an hour northwest to Tobu Zoo where we had ERT on Kawasemi and Regina! We started off with Kawasemi which is the Intamin Mega-lite! … Continue reading Tobu Zoo & Tokyo Dome City Trip Report 9/22/18

Hershey Park & Knoebels Trip Report 8/2/18

We arrived at Hershey right at opening! Like Kentucky Kingdom, Cedar Point employees get free admission to the park! First up, Thigh Crush...Sky Rush! For our first ride, we went front row. It was running quite sluggish in the morning. So we definitely couldn't really rank it based on that one ride. Next was SooperDooperLooper … Continue reading Hershey Park & Knoebels Trip Report 8/2/18

Kennywood & Waldemeer Trip Report 7/17/18

After so many Morgan coasters and everyone telling me Phantom is the best one, it was finally time to see what the hype was all about! First thing we did was the Noah's Ark walkthru attraction. It was definitely unique and something you don't see often. First coaster of the day was Exterminator, the Reverchon … Continue reading Kennywood & Waldemeer Trip Report 7/17/18

Michigan’s Adventure Trip Report 7/10/18

We arrived at Michigan's Adventure a little after they opened. First coaster of the day was Corkscrew! It's literally right there as you walk through the front gate! We waited about 15 mins as this ride can only run one train. We got second to back and were impressed with how this park maintains this … Continue reading Michigan’s Adventure Trip Report 7/10/18

Steel Curtain Construction Update 7/17/18

Walking over by Racer, the first thing you notice is this giant crane standing right next to it! If you get close to the construction fence, you'll immediately notice rebar sticking out of the ground for what will be a footer. You can see that this site is massive! The construction site goes all the … Continue reading Steel Curtain Construction Update 7/17/18

RailBlazer Construction Update 12/22/17

The ride structure is quite massive when approaching it despite it only being 106' tall! On the right side by Demon is an area where the walls are down and crains are currently standing.   On the left side by Candy Cane Lane, the walls hug the structure and you can get some really good … Continue reading RailBlazer Construction Update 12/22/17

Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

Walking up to the park, you could already tell it was gonna be crowded day. At 10:10 (just ten minutes after opening) the line to get into the park was all the way behind Independence Hall. The park did receive new metal detectors just like all the Cedar Fair parks did. There was no screwing … Continue reading Knott’s Soak City Trip Report 5/21/17

La Feria Chapultepec Mágico Trip Report 4/22/17

We arrived at La Feria around 8:30 am. When we got there, tons of people were already waiting outside for the park to open. We waited for them to open the gate to get to the main entrance. The actual entrance is behind Quimera. When entering the park, we noticed a full train of people … Continue reading La Feria Chapultepec Mágico Trip Report 4/22/17