SFMM Trip Report 3/18/17

When I arrived at the park, the line to get into the parking lot was backed up all the way to the end of X2. Luckily I was getting dropped off, so I got to bypass all of that. The security line was pretty short and the gold pass entry line was not too bad … Continue reading SFMM Trip Report 3/18/17

The New Revolution: Season Pass Preview

When you walk up towards Revolution for the preview, you will be greeted with these guys here taking roll. I would suggest arriving 30 mins before your specified time. They could even let you in early, so get there early. I was the second person in line so I got on right away! For those … Continue reading The New Revolution: Season Pass Preview

The New Revolution Update #2

Starting from the main fountain, it appears that the track might already be getting power washed. I could be wrong, but I don't remember that much rust on this section of track. It also appears that part of the rail connector might have new paint on it now. If you look closely, the rust stains … Continue reading The New Revolution Update #2

The New Revolution Update #1 9/12/15

Today is the first day Revolution has been closed! There's already some interesting stuff happening! Here's the red, white, and blue train in the storage track...facing backwards??? I didn't really think much of it till I go home. Could they reopen it for Halloween backwards...eh, probably not, but a guy can dream right 😉 The … Continue reading The New Revolution Update #1 9/12/15