Revolution: Before The Change 9/5/15

This is the current state of Revolution before the revamp! The legendary loop! Through the loop and through the trees! The final helix into the brakes! Two rack pieces connected Chain Dog! Wheels Empty train passing the station! Full Train taking the dive pass the station. Grease and rust is not looking good... track connector … Continue reading Revolution: Before The Change 9/5/15

The New Revolution! New for SFMM in 2016

The World’s First Looping Coaster Is Getting Newly Designed Trains The New Revolution, the beloved steel roller coaster that has thrilled over 45 million guests in its 40-year reign at the park, will be repainted a brilliant white and blue color, while newly designed trains will be fitted with lap and calf bars, and feature … Continue reading The New Revolution! New for SFMM in 2016