Michigan’s Adventure Trip Report 7/10/18

We arrived at Michigan's Adventure a little after they opened. First coaster of the day was Corkscrew! It's literally right there as you walk through the front gate! We waited about 15 mins as this ride can only run one train. We got second to back and were impressed with how this park maintains this … Continue reading Michigan’s Adventure Trip Report 7/10/18

Steel Curtain Construction Update 7/17/18

Walking over by Racer, the first thing you notice is this giant crane standing right next to it! If you get close to the construction fence, you'll immediately notice rebar sticking out of the ground for what will be a footer. You can see that this site is massive! The construction site goes all the … Continue reading Steel Curtain Construction Update 7/17/18

Disneyland Paris — Paris, France Trip Report 7/13/18

Disneyland Paris, what an atsonishing park. Where do I begin? Upon leaving the RER A station instead of approaching left to Walt Disney Studios Park you would go right where you encounter this grand eye popping hotel with fountains surrounding it’s courtyard. After entering the bottom of the hotel you pass through the main entrances … Continue reading Disneyland Paris — Paris, France Trip Report 7/13/18

Walt Disney Studios Park — Paris, France Trip Report 7/13/18

In arrival from the RER A station from Paris one would end at Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy. Upon exiting the train station you would automatically be right at the security check entrance in front of Disney which makes it very easy for tourist to travel. On your right you see the entrance to Disneyland Paris and to the … Continue reading Walt Disney Studios Park — Paris, France Trip Report 7/13/18

New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Today we got to experience some new stuff at Six Flags Magic Mountain! We have three things that will make your next visit to the park even better! 3. Jet Stream Refurbishment First off, Jet Stream reopened this weekend with completely repainted and refurbished boats! The ride itself has gone over a major overhaul including … Continue reading New Experiences Now Available At Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18

On the first element of Hangtime, there are wires in place for the lighting package that will be attached to the track. On the cobra roll, construction workers were busy getting the lights mounted on the track. From the Sky Cabin queue, you can get a view of Hangtime queue and it's shade structure. Here's … Continue reading Hangtime Construction Update 3/18/18